Customer Photos

Enough about us. We now bring you photos shared with us by our wonderful and talented customers.


Caroline P bluebird and oriole

Caroline Perkins - All we can say is, "Wow!"


Greg Kaminski white-headed house finch

Greg Kaminski - White-headed female House Finch. A little mystery of nature.




Ken O'ConnorKen O'Connor - Ruby Throated Hummingbird male. Again, "Wow!"


Heather Moscaritolo - owl

Heather Moscaritolo - Feel like you are being watched?


Richard Grayson turkeys                Richard Grayson turkey

Richard Grayson - Looks like Mom and the kids are enjoying the view from his deck.


Michael Clark hawk

Michael Clark - This guy seems to be checking out the buffet.


Tracy Crawford

Tracy Crawford - What beautiful color on such a day!


Lori & Thomas Malinski squirrel

Lori & Thomas Malinski - One of my favorite photos of all time. How cute is this guy?!!!


Thomas Malinski woodpecker and bark butter

Lori Malinski - This little fella came to check out the Bark Butter!


Brian Caldwell Squirrel Baffled

Squirrel Baffled! Thanks, Brian!













Thanks to Victor Neumann for these beautiful photos. Look closely at the Red Bellied Woodpecker hanging on the feeder and you can see his tongue!